System Features


·                    Call for Assistance” button in Main and all reset units (can also be activated from external source)

·                    Reset of system by the following options:

o          Reset button (7 locations: Main and up to 6 secondary reset units)

o          Movement detected by motion sensors

o          Activity on other navigational equipment

·                     Waterproof reset unit for wing installation

·                     Main and secondary reset units installed at working locations on the bridge (max 6 secondary units)

·                     Remote alarm units installed in Master and Mates cabins as well as public areas (max 20 units in 7 independent groups)

·                     Officer Cabin Alarm unit with Backup Duty and Bridge Alarm indication, plus local buzzer silence (up to 20 in 7 groups)

·                     Password protected accesses

·                     Timer setup for:

o          Dormant period 3-12 minutes

o          Watch alarm transfer to second stage (backup duty officer) 15-180 seconds

o          Watch alarm transfer to third stage (general alarm) 90-180 seconds

·                     Setup of backup officer on duty (for alarm transfer on second stage)

·                     NMEA output for transfer of BNWAS status to VDR

·                     “Auto” mode – activation from external source (auto pilot)