COMNAV Autopilot P4

  • ST – Intelligent Steering Technology provides superior vessel steering capability
  • AUTO-SETUP – allows auto-drive detection, rudder response time, compass detection and calibration
  • SUNLIGHT viewable LED backlit 5.7″ TFT LCD 640 x 480 display
  • ALC – Automatic Leeway Compensation for Drift, Tide & Wind
  • Auto Thrust-assist for Dead-ahead slow or station keeping (optional)
  • Multi-Language capability: English, Chinese, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Icelandic, and more
  • 9 level backlit LCD display
  • Colour head offers Red Night Vision mode
  • Pre-defined parameter sets for full or semi-displacement, planning hulls, stern drives and sailboats
  • Multi-Station capability with security station lock
  • PORT and STBD dodge buttons for collision avoidance
  • Fully compatible with onboard NMEA instruments and most steering systems
Operating Voltage: 10 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption: Average 0.5 Amps, 3 Amps Peak
(Lower consumption capability with low backlight setting)
Drive Output: 20 Amps
Network: NMEA 2000
Navigational Interface: NMEA 0183 inputs
NMEA 0183 Output: Heading (10x per sec), Autopilot Status
(1x per sec)
Heading Reference: Fluxgate, Magnetic Compass, NMEA
Compass or Heading Sensor GNSS compass
Course Resolution: 1°
Course Detection: 0.5°
Control Head: Sunlight viewable high contrast LCD is 5.7”
TFT LCD 640 x 480 VGA high resolution display